$ 25

Per Head
  • Any hair style
  • Free shave :)
  • Warm towel wash
  • Gentle service
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*AdultsMost Popular

$ 30

Per head
  • Any hair cut
  • Friendly service
  • First come service
  • No appointment needed
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*Hair Cut & Shave

$ 35

Per Head
  • Any hair cut style
  • Your chosen shaving style
  • Professional Service
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
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Do i have to make an appointment?

No, at the Perfect Barbershop it’s first come first serve basis, once you walk in you will be the next in queue to get perfected

How many Perfect Barbershops are available?

We have two barbershop’s located in Perth – Western Australia, one in Mount Hawthorn and one in Victoria Park.

*Are these the final prices?

The prices displayed above are the basic prices for hair cuts, prices may change according to the type of style that the client may require. *

Do you have many hair cutĀ options to chose from?

Yes, our barbers are well trained and experienced inĀ cutting any hair type with great precision to satisfaction for people from all over the world.